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Considering an alternative to painting? Planning a wallpaper project? Looking for that special wallpaper for your project?

Summit Paints has you covered. We offer so much more than paint. We are also your top source for all your wallpaper needs. We carry a large selection of wallpapers designed to fit all styles and tastes.

While you may be thinking wallpaper is old, dated, and something you find in your grandmother’s house, it’s making a comeback. And in a big way. You are seeing it more and more in modern home designs.

Today’s wallpaper comes in countless stylish options. It has become popular for accent walls, in dining rooms, bedrooms, and many other areas of your home to add texture, depth and become a focal point of your interior design. Wallpaper options are more versatile than ever before. Choose from a variety of patterns and colours to find the perfect wallpaper for your interior space.

Wallpaper also offers a number of great design benefits that makes it a viable alternative to paint. It is durable and has longevity. It’s easy to clean and maintain, and modern wallpaper is actually easy to peel off if you decide to change up your design. Similar to paint, it is available in a wide range of pricing options, ensuring you can find wallpaper that fits your budget.

If you are new to wallpaper, you might consider checking out these wonderful “How to” videos from Brewster Home Fashions, one of our major suppliers for wallpaper and accessories.

To learn more about your wallpaper options, visit us in store. Drop by the store to view our wallpaper books/catalogs to help get your creative juices flowing. We look forward to helping you with your next wallpaper project!

Wallpaper Books In-Store

  • Sage Hill by Chesapeake
  • Texture Trends it
  • Scenics – Edition 2
  • Warner Textures
  • Whisper by Kenneth James
  • Rosemore by beacon house
  • Reclaimed by a street prints
  • Eclips by a street prints
  • Palm springs by Kenneth James
  • Restored by a street Prints
  • For your bath by brewster
  • Solstice by sunny style
  • Jade by Knneth James
  • Oxford – A collection for men by brewster
  • Essence by decorline
  • Seaside living by chesapeake

Featured Brands

At Summit Paints we carry only the best in paint and stain brands. No matter the size of your paint project, you want to make sure that the paint or stain you choose performs well and lasts for a long-time. This is what’s achieved through our trusted product line of paints and stains. Only the best for our customers. Come by today to learn more about our product line.

Need Home Decor Help?

Our Home Design professional can help you visualize designs, colours, and lighting to capture the essence of YOU and your lifestyle in your home. We know that your time is very valuable so we will schedule a time that works for you and be there on time. Our experience and “personal touch” approach ensures every design we put forward will fit perfectly with your furniture, space and budget. Please use the form below to arrange for an in home consultation, or call Tammy at 905-841-6200

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