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How to Ensure Your Exterior Paint Job Doesn’t Get Damaged by Rain or Heat

Tuesday, March 29th, 2016, 7:17 am , Posted by Admin

An exterior paint job is a great way to breathe some new life in any building’s exterior. It’s the perfect way to increase your homes appeal, increase its overall value and make it look new again. However, when painting any exterior surface, it’s important to always consider external factors such as the weather before painting.

  • Choose the right time to paint:The time of the year you choose to paint could damage your paint job. Whether you paint right before it is going to rain or during hot and humid conditions, both of these situations could sacrifice the quality and integrity of your paint. It could also result in you having to do touch ups or even repainting everything. Therefore, it’s important to schedule painting exterior surfaces during cool and dry times.

    When a fresh coat of paint gets wet right away it could open the door for a number of issues to occur. It could impact the durability and appearance of the paint, often resulting in you having to add another coat of paint.

    When it’s hot and humid outside, paint “wetting” could happen. This means that lighter areas of paint film can appear, potentially causing permanent and blotchy paint jobs.

    Blistering is also a possibility when the conditions are too damp or hot and humid. If this occurs you may need to sand the blistered areas a patch the areas impacted.

  • Use the right paint: Choosing the right paint for the surface you are painting is essential. When painting siding, wood, or other materials, it’s important to choose a paint that will adhere to the surface you are painting. If you are not sure which paint to choose, we’d be happy to assist you.
  • Use high quality paint products:Choosing a cheaper priced paint may save you a few bucks now, but it will end up costing more long term because lower quality paints tend to not to have the longevity and could be more prone to chipping. You may also need to use more paint and apply more coats – something that is more time consuming and over time will cost more money over the long run.

    Are you planning an exterior paint project? Want to avoid these common issues? Considering hiring a professional painter or visit us to get some professional advice for your DIY painting project. We are always here to assistant you with paint selection and so much more!

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