Need to touch up a wall, only to realise the can of paint you stored in the basement has completely dried up? And making matters worse, the colour mixing label is missing or no longer readable.

Fear not! We are here to help

Here at Summit Paints, we combine cutting edge Technology along with over 40 years of Paint experience to help match your colour from a sample that you provide which will get the closest match possible.

In fact, if you are a returning customer, we will have your information saved in our computer system which dates back 25 years. Once you provide your name or phone number, we are also able to tell you what type of paint, colour and room you purchased for, on your last visit to Summit Paints.

Even better…. if you used a paint that for some reason is no longer available we will pull out the old fan deck, colour match to the chip, and update the formula and BAM your file will be saved in your to the new paint line.